West Washington Elementary School

  Where learning is FUN! 


Mission Statement


West Washington Elementary School will strive to provide a challenging, nurturing, and safe environment through a partnership with home, school, and community where our students have the opportunity to achieve their full potential and become responsible and independent citizens.



We believe:

All people have inherent worth and deserve respect. Individuals should be accountable for the choices they make. Respect should be mutual among students, staff, administration, and parents. Everyone has the capacity to learn and learning is a life long process. All people need to feel safe, secure, accepted, and loved. Diversity enhances society. Education is a key to improving the quality of life. Our schools must have structure and discipline. Development of good character, integrity, moral soundness, and work ethic is essential to personal success. It is essential that parents and teachers cooperatively support each child's school experience.  We believe high expectations result in high achievements.


Vision Statement

West Washington Elementary School is in a state of continuous reform and improvement.  Our vision is that student will be active learners who feel safe, nurtured and challenged.  Our teachers will also be extending their skill levels and working together to form a unified and purposeful educational environment.